About Us

About Pure Salt

As we are Pure Salt team, we are dedicated to supplying a wide range of salt types from our salt sources in our network. Our experts are fully capable to collect the finest evaporated salt & pure dried vacuum salt products to meet all our customers’ requirements. We play a significant role in many industries to sustain a reliable supply chain at a high-quality level, with our excellent customer service, continued support-delivering salt, product reliability and understanding of market dynamics perspective.

We are happy to deliver various salt types to the following sectors; Water treatment, food production, animal feed & agricultural, textiles, chemical industries, de-icing and many types of industrial salt. We provide products only from highly regarded manufacturers. Suppliers of only the finest, fully tested, and respected products.

We also focus on innovative products; We aim to provide added value to our customers in niche product groups as well.

A variety of products & services on offer to suit your preferences at a reasonable rates.

We are providers to many commercial and industrial customers- from supplying salt, to servicing most water treatment plants. Seeking the environment friendly processes.

Let’s hear your requirements. We are sure about finding the right product that meets your requirement well.

We supply only high quality salt products simply categorized follows;

Salt types;

Sea, Lake (Solar evaporated), Rock

Salt grades;

Fine, coarse, granular, tablet, block.

Salt applications

Water Treatment, Food, Industrial, Agricultural, De-icing (or winter), Textiles, Tanning