Caustic (Sodium Hydroxide)


Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide chemistry is an important basic compound used in many industries. Another name for Sodium Hydroxide is caustic. It is white in color and has a moisture absorbing feature. It dissolves easily in water. It has a soft, slippery and soap-like structure. It is available in liquid and solid form. It doesn't have any scent either. While the solid one is in the form of straws and beads, the liquid one is in the form of an aqueous solution.




Sodium Hydroxide is used in many areas of industry. It is used in oil refineries in paper, paint, artificial silk, detergent industry.

    Its greatest use is in the chemical industry, detergent and paint are then used in the paper industry.

    It is also used in aluminum production.

    Sodium hydroxide and sulfide are basic materials in papermaking. These substances are the main ingredients of the solution to separate the lingin from the cerylous fibre during the Kraft project. Sodium hydroxide is used to whiten the coffee coloured paper produced.

    Sodium hydroxide is used in soap making and the production of biodiesel in the petroleum industry.

    It is used in the peeling of fruits and vegetables by chemical means, and chocolate and cocoa processing.

    It is also used for thickening in the production of caramel and soft drinks.

    Olives are generally softened by being treated with sodium hydroxide.

    Sodium Hydroxide is used as a cleaning agent, the most common being in drain openers. It is used in stainless steel thanks to its strong degreasing feature.

    It is used for cleaning sewage wastewater pipes. It can dissolve grease and heavy oils.