Citric Acid


Citric acid is frequently used in many areas of modern industry. The chemical formula of the crystalline and colourless component, which is a very important compound in terms of meeting many needs of the ever-increasing world population, is expressed as "C6H8O7". Citric acid, which is present in the structure of almost all plants, is involved in many of the cellular activities in nature. If we talk about the usage areas of citric acid; It is involved in active areas such as the food sector, the agricultural sector, metal production and processing, the pharmaceutical sector and the beverage sector.


Citric acid, which is widely used in industrial applications and different food fields, is mostly used in citrate carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.Citric acid is used alone or in combination with citrate salts and used as a flavouring in low-calorie drinks, fruit juice and thirst-quenching drinks.

Apart from that, in industrial production, Citric Acid is added to sugars to add sourness.
Increases the durability of the product. It controls the pH.
Flavours soft drinks, making confectionery and medicine.
Prevents the crystallization of sugar in confectionery production.
Widely used in beverages, fermented food products, beer, wine, cheese, biscuits, cakes, frozen fish, ice cream, jams, jelly, frozen potatoes, sherbets, instant soups, tomato paste and preserves.
An additive in bathroom and kitchen cleaners.
To remove rust from steel.